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Idol Rich - Live at Cheltenham Town Hall

All editing on these DVDs was carried out on a PC from the original material captured to PC.

This is a DVD of the Gloucester band Idol Rich playing live in 1988 at the Roundabout in Gloucester.

This band is one of the best NWOBHM bands to never get a deal, they were superb

I knew the band well as I went to the same schools as Nick Burr, a friend of long standing

The Band Is

Singer, Mark Thompson Smith

Lead Guitar, Nick Burr ex Tyrant, Hooker, then Killers. Lionsheart, & Friction

Lead Guitar, Tim Jones ex Hooker

Bass, Nick Hughes

Drums, Mike Curtis

Filmed in Cheltenham Town Hall in 1986 or 1987, this is one of two gigs I videoed. However I messed up a little by shooting handheld and using batteries rather than mains, so it is a little wobbly in places and there are a couple of breaks where I had to stop to change batteries, also I had some shoulder ache. This is why I produced the Roundabout DVD first.

There is a little behind the scenes material, and a song from the support act, a Cheltenham based band whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, but they do have a tape of mine with a gig of theirs on it.

The support act song is "Take Me I'm Yours"

However you do get half hour of Idol Rich in concert with "One Night", part of "City Streets", "Fire Fire", "Working Girls", "Paint Your Face", "Boys Are Missing Out", and the famous "Dirty Dreams"

Picture quality is not too bad, being Beta just about the best available at the time, however a couple of loud bits do distort the picture.

There has only ever been two Idol Rich gigs videoed and I did both.

PS I am the same Martin whos photos are on the new Tyrant Days at the Farm LP

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